UN Security Council “not a playoform for justice”, Yemeni diplomat says


Member of the National Delegation, Abdul-Malik Al-Ajri, stressed that the UN Security Council is not a platform for fairness and justice, and is subject to international interests and considerations for the favor of powerful regimes.

Al-Ajri said in a statement to Almasirah that “the UN has presented texts that contain chicanery regarding the truce, and this is unacceptable,” explaining that there are no guarantees for the continuation of the calm as it was in the past during the truce.

The member of the National Delegation indicated that the truce in its first form has ended, and we do not reject negotiations, pointing out that the salary issue is a right for all Yemenis without exception, whether they are civilians or military, and the right of any employee cannot be waived because abdication rights is outside humanitarian, moral and legal standards.

Al-Ajri added, “If the negotiations reach a dead-end, escalation is the alternative option.”

He continued by saying that “the American, British and French position towards Yemen is not strange, and they are behind the crises in our region.”

Al-Ajri pointed out that Saudi Arabia is upset with the United States because it does not pay it the required attention as it deals with Ukraine and the Zionist entity, indicating that Saudi Arabia has ignited its surroundings with crises and this opens the door to Western blackmail.