The Federation of Chambers of Commerce warns of “catastrophic” repercussions for raising customs


The Federation of Chambers of Commerce and Industry in Yemen warned, on Wednesday, of catastrophic repercussions befalling the citizen as a result of the recent decision of the Maeen government to raise customs duties.

In a statement, the Federation called on international organizations to intervene to prevent the policy of collective punishment against the Yemenis, considering the decision reflects the failure of the authority loyal to the coalition in managing the economic file.

The statement indicated that the repercussions of the decision will burden the citizen who suffers as a result of the war and the blockade, accusing the Maeen government of ignoring international warnings of a famine in Yemen.

The federation vowed to escalate the lawsuit against the decision and refused to implement it.

On Tuesday, dozens of merchants seemed to escalate against the decision to refrain from customs clearance of their goods in the port of Aden.