Ministry of Foreign Affairs condemns Comoros government’s classification of Yemeni component as “terrorist”


The Yemeni Ministry of Foreign Affairs condemned on Tuesday the Comoros government’s decision to classify a Yemeni national component in what it called the “list of terrorist entities.”

In a statement issued today, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs considered that this was a previous step in the history of Yemeni relations with the Comorian Union, disregarding the fraternal relations and bonds that bind the two brotherly peoples.

The Foreign Ministry urged the Comoros government not to be drawn into the positions of the aggressor countries and their mercenaries, noting that relations between Sanaa and Moroni are historical and have not changed over time.

The statement of the Foreign Ministry confirmed that such a measure would affect the future of official relations between the two countries, calling on the government of the Comorian Union to revise its position and return to the right path.