Al-Mayadeen channel launches wide campaign in solidarity with Yemeni media


Al-Mayadeen TV channel had launched a wide campaign in solidarity with the Yemeni media, in the face of the targeting and war it is subjected to by the US-Saudi aggression coalition.

The channel emphasized in its coverage that the media war waged by the Yemeni national media is no less ferocious than the military war waged by the aggression coalition for more than eight years, which made it vulnerable to targeting by the aggression in an attempt to silence it and the volume of facts it broadcasts about the course of events in Yemen that It is exposed to an aggressive war and an unjust siege.

It touched on the grievances of the Yemeni people and the losses of the Yemeni media and its media goals due to the aggression, pointing to the penalties and bans that the free Yemeni media is subjected to, which are among the harshest types of penalties and violations of freedom of expression.

Al-Mayadeen channel dealt with Western duplicity in dealing with the national media by closing several channels affiliated with Sana’a government, the Yemeni military media, and other channels and websites, which have always embarrassed the countries of the aggression coalition with what it broadcast of scenes that revealed their horrific crimes against the Yemeni people and what caused them. The blockade is part of a humanitarian crisis in Yemen as well as the vulnerability of the fighters of those countries in front of the bravery of the Yemeni army.

It pointed to the double standards that the West deals with regarding to to freedom of expression and the actual application of these principles, which revealed the falsity of what those countries are paying lip service to and the slogans they raise about democracy and freedom of expression.

Al-Mayadeen TV confirmed in its coverage that the ban on free Yemeni media comes in the context of the US and Western media war against free peoples who oppose the US-Zionist project.