First “limited” aid convoy enters Gaza amidst ongoing bombardment


The Rafah border crossing has finally opened to allow the first trucks carrying vital humanitarian aid to reach Gaza from Egypt. The move brings hope to the 2 million Gazans who have been living under siege, cut off from water, food, and basic necessities by ‘Israel’. Among the aid supplies are medical supplies, hygiene items, and blankets.

Sputnik reported on Friday that around 200 trucks with humanitarian aid were waiting for the border to open. This comes after “Israel” refused to open the border at first, and then the US agreed to open it only to allow those carrying foreign passports to leave Gaza.

Earlier this week, reports from CNN suggested that the crossing would not open, leaving trapped Gazans with no way of receiving vital aid. However, pressure mounted on Cairo to allow Palestinians to flee into Egypt, with Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas warning the US of a “second Nakba” if the population were not given access to aid.

Despite the opening of the border, Gaza remains under constant bombardment from ‘Israel’. On Saturday, a family in the southern part of the Strip was murdered in an airstrike.

Experts have questioned how much the aid trucks will be able to do in the face of ongoing violence and a continued lack of access to resources. The siege on Gaza has created the world’s largest “open-air prison,” leaving Palestinians trapped in a desperate situation.


Source: Al-Manar English Website