Zionist “ZIM”: We will not sail through the Red Sea


The Zionist cargo shipping company, ZIM, announced that it will not sail through the Red Sea after the Yemeni ban on Zionist ships, which will prolong the delivery of goods across the Mediterranean Sea and the Atlantic Ocean and circumnavigate the African continent at the cost of the Indian Ocean.

The enemy entity’s broadcasting authority reported that the Israeli company ZIM will divert from the Suez Canal due to the situation in the Arabian Sea and the Red Sea.

While the American “Bloomberg” agency quoted “ZIM”, a container transport company based in the occupied city of Haifa, as saying: It is redirecting some of its ships as a “safety precaution.”

The agency noted that the increased safety risks forced ZIM to impose a “war risk premium” on some of its services, ranging from $25 to $100, for each 20-foot container unit.

In this context, the agency stated that “some cargo ships facing attacks choose to change their course,” noting that cargo ships were warned to “exercise extreme caution” while sailing near Yemen.