Abu Lahoum & Al-Sufi lay stone foundation for 134 projects worth two billion & 681 million riyals in Hajjah


Deputy Prime Minister of the Caretaker Government for Economic Affairs, Minister of Finance, Dr. Rashid Abu Lahoum, and Governor of Hajjah, Hilal Al-Sufi, laid the foundation stone for 134 projects at a cost of two billion ,681 million and 614 thousand riyals.

These projects will be implemented with funding from the Central Emergency Development Interventions Unit at the Ministry of Finance in the amount of 966 million and 535 thousand riyals, a community contribution of one billion and 286 million ,406 thousand riyals, 428 million and 673 thousand riyals from the local authority in the province, benefiting 649 thousand and 234 people.

The projects for which the foundation stone was laid include 17 road construction, surveying and expansion projects with community initiatives, with a length of 136 kilometers, within the program to support local authority operating projects, the second phase, at a cost of 691 million and 678 thousand riyals.

It also includes 44 construction projects with road initiatives, with a length of 123 kilometers, within the program to support community initiatives projects for the fifth phase, at a total cost of 776 million and 658 thousand riyals.

During the laying of the foundation stone in the presence of Member of Parliament Dr. Ahmed Nassar, Dr. Abu Lahoum confirmed that most of the projects are the inauguration of the fifth phase of supporting community initiative projects in the province.

While Governor Al-Sufi indicated that laying the foundation stone for projects in the field of roads comes as a translation of the directives of the President of the Supreme Political Council, indicating the keenness of the revolutionary leadership to implement service projects in many service sectors to raise the level of services provided to citizens.

He called on the people of the province to interact in implementing community initiatives, appreciating the support of the Caretaker Deputy Prime Minister for Economic Affairs and the Minister of Finance for these projects.

The laying of the foundation stone was attended by the directors of the Central Emergency Development Interventions Unit at the Ministry of Finance, Shehab Al-Shami, the Engineering Unit, Engineer Abdullah Al-Haddad, the Cleaning and Improvement Fund, Hamza Sharaf Al-Din, the Financial Affairs, Abdul-Wahab Sinan, and the Works, Muhammad Safi Al-Din.