Defense Minister: Maritime security in the Red sea and Arab Sea has been properly redefined


Yemeni Minister of Defense, Major General Mohammed Nasser Al-Atifi affirmed on Sunday that “ the maritime security of the Red Sea and the Arabian Sea has been properly redefined” after the cessation of Zionist recklessness in these seas.

This came during his speech on the occasion of concluding a training course for brigades, battalions and company commanders of the reserve forces in the fifth military region.

Al-Atifi indicated that the Yemeni military equation for the naval forces has restored the identity of the Red Sea and the Arabian Sea, which was hijacked by the Zionists.

“We reaffirm that Yemen and its Armed Forces do not target any ships that do not belong to the enemy entity and do not serve its agenda, and the navigational passage is secure,” Major General Mohammed Nasser Al-Atifi said.

He emphasized that Sana’a is committed to all international treaties and covenants that do not compromise Yemeni dignity and sovereignty or impose guardianship or dominance.

“As long as the Zionist massacres continue in Gaza, we will continue our missions against the usurping Zionist entity,” he stressed.

“Washington has contributed and supported the Zionist entity in the genocide of the Palestinian people, who are our brothers in geography, humanity, and Islam.”

the Yemeni Minister of Defense  concluded his speech by saying: “ America, London, and “Israel” must realize that the practice of reducing geography and claiming guardianship over the seas has become a rejected and unwelcome method.”