Hezbollah denounces US airstrikes in Iraq and Syria


The Lebanese resistance movement Hezbollah has denounced overnight US airstrikes in Iraq and Syria as “a flagrant violation of the sovereignty of the two countries,” emphasizing that the aggression would further destabilize the region.

Hezbollah made the remarks in a statement on Saturday, after the US carried out what it called “retaliatory strikes” against targets inside Iraq and Syria

“What the United States of America has done is a flagrant violation of the sovereignty of the two states, an aggression on their security and territorial integrity, and a breach of all international and humanitarian laws,” the resistance group said.

It went on to say that this aggression would lead to destabilizing the region, adding that it would create “pretexts and flimsy excuses” for the continuation of US occupation of various areas in Iraq and Syria.

The resistance movement further noted that US aggression on Iraq and Syria exposes the lies of Washington’s claims of not wanting to expand the conflict in the region.

“On the contrary, it contributes to fueling conflict, tension, and escalating wars in the region,” it added.

Hezbollah further said it believes that this “criminal aggression” will push the Iraqi and Syrian people to adhere to the path of resistance to liberate their countries from the US occupation and to continue supporting and aiding the besieged Gaza Strip until the Israeli aggression is stopped.