Hezbollah launches new series of missile strikes on Zionist targets


The Islamic Resistance in Lebanon announced on Friday the implementation of missile strikes on the Zionist occupation sites near Lebanon border.

Hezbollah military media issued consecutive statements to illustrate the attacks and their outcomes.

The first statement mentioned that Islamic Resistance fighters targeted Ruwaisat Al-Alam site in Lebanon’s occupied Kfarshuba Hills and Shebaa Farms with missile weapons, causing direct hits.

“In support of our steadfast Palestinian people in Gaza and in solidarity with their honorable and brave resistance, and after targeting Ruweisat Al-Alam site, Islamic Resistance fighters, targeted the deployment of enemy soldiers in its vicinity with missile weapons, achieving direct hits,” the second statement pointed out.

The third statement affirmed that, in response to the Israeli attacks on southern villages and their homes, the most recent of which was the raid on the supermarket in the town of Al-Jabayn, the Islamic Resistance fighters targeted a building in Avivim settlement with appropriate weapons and directly hit it.

Meanwhile, Lebanese media sources reported that the Israeli enemy resumed its aggression on the villages and towns in South Lebanon, carrying out air raids on the eastern outskirts of Aitaroun with around 50 artillery shells fired on the region.
Israeli artillery shelling targeted the outskirts of Al-Jebeen, Shihin, and Majdal Zoun.

Earlier in the day, Israeli media reported that sirens sounded in Kiryat Shmona and Tel-Hai in the north.