Three civilians injured in Saada and Hodeidah due to US-Saudi Aggression


A civilian sustained injuries due to Saudi enemy fire in Saada, while two civilians were seriously injured in an explosion caused by remnants of aggression in Hodeidah.

According to Almasirah,  a citizen was injured Saturday evening as a result of Saudi enemy fire in the Hanaba area of the border district of Qataber in Saada province.

Saada province continuously faces attacks, including missile and artillery shelling, and deliberate targeting of civilians by the Saudi forces, in light of the absence of any international or UN action.

In Hodeidah, Almasirah correspondent reported that two citizens were seriously injured in an explosion of remnants of aggression in the mountainous area belonging to Al-Tahita.

The Mine Action Center has documented a significant number of casualties in recent times, attributed to the obstinacy of aggression forces preventing the entry of mine clearance devices to cleanse cluster bombs and mines in Yemen. This situation occurs amidst international silence and complicity.

Various regions across Yemen’s governorates have been subjected to bombardment by the US-Saudi aggression using cluster bombs. Many of these internationally prohibited munitions still pose threats, scattered among farms and roads, leading to dozens of victims.

The toll of cluster bomb victims has exceeded 25,000 civilians since the onset of the US-Saudi aggression against Yemen. Landmines and remnants left by aggressive forces during their occupation continue to endanger residents, particularly in farming areas and along roads.