Yemeni Armed Forces hold military exercises practicing war against “Israel”


Units of the Yemeni Armed Forces conducted on Saturday a military exercise dubbed “Yemen is the support of Palestine”.

They simulated storming an Israeli settlement and blowing it up after capturing its soldiers.

The military exercise reflected the level reached by the Yemeni forces and their combat skills and readiness to fight battles against the nation’s enemies and to support the Palestinian people.

During the exercise, Deputy Chief of the General Staff, Major General Ali Al-Mushki, praised the readiness of the reserve forces and their interest in continuous training and rehabilitation.

He expressed his pride in attending a maneuver of the Reserve and Central Intervention Forces, which performed their duty and tasks on the battlefields to the best of their ability.

Major General Al-Mushki stressed that “the armed forces are fully prepared and ready to implement the directives of the Leader of the Revolution to support the people of Gaza, whom are suffering from woe and destruction.”

He added, “Our standing with Gaza comes from the standpoint of our religious, moral, and ethical duty and is dictated by our customs and dignity as Yemenis.”

Al-Mushki stressed that the armed forces are ready to carry out all the operations that will be entrusted to them.

He pointed out that “the Yemeni people know that the aggression they were subjected to over the course of nine years is an American-British aggression, but with an Arab façade.”

Major General Al-Mushki pointed out that “the great Yemeni people backed by the armed forces are ready to make sacrifices in support of Gaza.”