Al-Assad: “Israel” kills Palestinians because they are defending themselves


Syrian President Bashar al-Assad confirmed on Monday that Israel kills Palestinians because they are defending themselves.

He pointed out that people have the right to defend themselves and use direct military force, especially if the enemy has ambitions and wants to occupy the country’s lands.

Al-Assad’s statements came during a special interview he conducted with the Russian “Soloviev Live” channel.

During his answer to a question about the Gaza War, he affirmed that the Palestinian citizen is being attacked by an Israeli occupier who has been carrying out systematic killing operations for more than 80 years.

“Israel kills the Palestinians because they are simply defending themselves. There is no justification, neither previously nor currently, for Israel to use force against the Palestinians; unlike the Palestinian reality, which defends itself, it can use force to protect the lives of its children, even though it is not a state.” Al-Assad said.

“They are groups of civilians who have weapons as a form of resistance, but they have neither a state nor an army, so it is not possible to compare the Israeli and Palestinian parties in this case,” he added.