Executive Center for Mine Action :4558 are the victims of aggression mines ,remnants and cluster bombs


Director of the Executive Center for Mine Action, Ali Safra, revealed a large toll of innocent Yemeni victims of mines and cluster bombs left over from the aggression, including women and children.

Safra said in a statement today, Thursday: “The total number of victims of mines and cluster bombs from March 2015 to the end of 2023 reached (4,558) victims, while the total number of discovered mines, cluster bombs, and remnants of aggression reached 9,406.”


He indicated that the area cleared of minefields and war remnants during the year 2023 amounted to 694,579 square metres, while last year the center carried out a technical survey of 25 fields with an area of 810,033 square metres.

Safra pointed out that the American-Saudi aggression used cluster bombs continuously and excessively in targeting citizens, explaining that mines and cluster bombs have become a challenge to the center and a great danger to citizens and require intensified efforts and support to overcome this danger.