Zionist PM undergoes surgery


The “Israeli” entity’s Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has said he hopes to “return to action very quickly” after he was diagnosed with a hernia which required a medical procedure under general anesthesia on Sunday.

The “Israeli” prime minister’s office said a hernia was found during a “routine checkup” on Saturday, confirming that the 74-year-old leader would be briefly incapacitated during surgery on Sunday night. Netanyahu’s deputy and close ally, Yariv Levin, who is also the entity’s so-called justice minister, temporarily filled his role during the procedure.

Early on Monday morning, Netanyahu’s office said that the surgery had been successful and that he was “in good shape and beginning to recover”.

Ahead of the procedure, Netanyahu held a press conference indicating that his condition was not serious. “I assure you that I will get through this treatment successfully and return to action very quickly,” the “Israeli” leader told reporters.

A hernia is an opening or weakness in the muscle wall, which allows internal tissue or organ, usually abdominal, to protrude outward.