YCLU: We will spare no effort in conveying workers’ grievances to world


The Yemeni Confederation of Labor Unions (YCLU) on Wednesday affirmed that it will spare no effort in conveying the grievances of workers, female workers, and retirees of the nation due to the American-Saudi aggression to all labor unions worldwide.

In a statement on the occasion of International Workers’ Day on May 1, the union said, “While the world celebrates International Workers’ Day, this occasion comes to Yemeni workers as they are deprived of their most basic rights guaranteed by all international laws and conventions.

Hundreds of thousands of workers and retirees are living in difficult economic conditions due to the aggression and siege by the American and Saudi forces, which resorted to economic measures to increase pressure on the Yemeni people economically after failing in military confrontations.”

The statement pointed out that among these measures is the cutting of salaries of workers and state employees and retirees for eight years, in addition to targeting infrastructure, including factories and farms, which led to the dismissal of tens of thousands of workers and the loss of their livelihood, as well as targeting the national currency, leading to a significant increase in prices.

The statement emphasized that these practices have affected various sectors of workers in Yemen, and workers continue to suffer from their effects to this day.

It noted that this year’s Labor Day comes as the Palestinian people are subjected to genocide by the Zionist entity, resulting in the martyrdom and injury of thousands of Palestinian workers and the loss of hundreds of thousands of their jobs and businesses with unlimited American support and blatant international complicity.

The union announced the suspension of its celebrations on this occasion in solidarity with the brothers in Palestine, affirming support for the national stance in support of the people of Gaza and absolute support for all military options taken by the revolutionary leadership.

The statement held America responsible for the aggression on Yemen and warned against its recent efforts to undermine peace efforts or any military escalation.