11 Palestinians injured during Zionist military incursion into Aqabat Jabr refugee camp


At least 11 Palestinians were injured on Saturday during an Israeli military incursion into Aqabat Jabr refugee camp, south of Jericho.

According to Palestinian sources, heavily-armed Israeli soldiers carried out a raid and search campaign on a number of homes in Aqabat Jabr, where they assaulted and abused local residents.

During the raid, the soldiers further fired live bullets and stun grenades to intimidate residents. They also wreaked havoc inside homes and vandalized vehicles.

According to security sources, Israeli forces assaulted and beat up members of two Palestinian families in the camp with rifle butts during the storming operation.

Meanwhile, the occupation forces carried out a wide inspection campaign in Ain al-Sultan camp, al-Duyuk al-Tahta, and Aqabat Jabr, where they rounded up a number of local residents before releasing them later.