Capital Sana’a hosts closing ceremony, scout parade for summer course students


Al-Sabeen Square in the capital, Sana’a, witnessed on Sunday a parade by summer course students, marking the closing ceremony of their activities.

At the conclusion ceremony, Minister of Youth and Sports in the caretaker government, Muhammad Hussein Al-Muaydi, pointed out the importance of summer courses in preserving the emerging generations, protecting them from intellectual and cultural invasion, enlightening them with useful knowledge, sciences, and awareness to confront the enemies of the nation.

Al-Muaydi noted the activities and programs witnessed in the summer courses aimed at developing the capabilities and skills of young people in various fields, including consolidating the faith identity in the souls of those enrolled in these courses, enabling them to advance the reality of the nation.

He congratulated the students on their graduation from the summer center courses… appreciating the role of the interacting entities, bodies , institutions, the supportive businessmen , social figures, those who made an effort to make the summer activities and courses a success.

Youth Minister explained that the total number of students who enrolled in these courses reached one million and one hundred thousand students, during which they received knowledge and skills in various fields to enhance their abilities in a way that contributes to raising a conscious generation armed with Qur’anic culture. He noted the interaction of parents and guardians with the summer courses.

The closing ceremony, in the presence of Deputy Ministers of Culture, Mohammed Haidara, Civil Service, Abdullah Al-Muaydi , Education, Khaled Jahader, Head of the General Authority for Zakat, Sheikh Shamsan Abu Nashtan, a number of state leaders and those in charge of the summer courses, witnessed an informative presentation that reflected the level of students’ benefit from the summer courses and embodied an image of the next generation, the generation of victory. Which is being prepared in various fields to correct the nation’s reality and stand up to its enemies.