New details emerge about US, UK role in Israel’s massacre in Nuseirat


New details have emerged about the role of the United States and Britain in Israel’s massacre of more than 270 Palestinian people in Nuseirat refugee camp in central Gaza on Saturday.

Horrifying images were released in the aftermath of the attack showing charred bodies strewn across streets covered in rubble.

Israel’s military forces killed at least 274 people, wounded hundreds of others and left behind a trail of devastation in the town of Nuseirat before they retrieved four Israel captives, during a brutal raid they described as a “successful rescue operation.”

Soon after the raid, US media acknowledged Washington’s role in the massacre.

Citing several reports, the Cradle reported Monday that information provided by the New York Times and Israeli newspaper Ynet detail the regime’s intelligence cooperation with the US and UK.

Israeli and US officials – both military and intelligence – established a fusion cell to work cooperatively and share drone and satellite photographs and any information that might help identify the locations of the detainees, said the online news magazine.

Citing a senior Israeli official, the reports also said since Israel’s military launched the war in Gaza in early October, US and UK drones joined the regime’s drones to surveil Gaza over more extended periods and more territory.

Once the location of a captive was confidently identified, intense rescue planning began, the news websites wrote.

During Saturday’s raid, according to the reports, Israeli forces relied on “a wide-scale bombing from the sky of areas where Palestinian civilians sheltered, as well as the cold-blooded execution of Palestinian civilians in their homes, most of them homes where no captives were held.”

Palestinian resistance movement of Hamas detained 253 Israeli soldiers during its unprecedented operation against the occupied territories in October 7.

Avi Kalo, former head of the Prisoners and Missing Persons Division at the Israeli military’s Intelligence Unit, admitted that retrieving the four detainees “does not change the strategic aspect.”

“Hamas still has dozens of hostages, the vast majority of whom, if not all, will not be released in rescue operations, but can be rescued only as part of a cease-fire deal.”

According to the New York Times, 43 of the 253 Israelis have died in Gaza.

Hamas said that three Israeli captives were killed during Saturday’s raid in central Gaza.

The resistance group said earlier that it “still holds the majority of captives and is capable of increasing its capture tally.”


Source: Press TV