Security services reveal arrest of US-Israeli espionage network


Security services have revealed the arrest of a US-Israeli espionage network that for decades carried out espionage and sabotage activities in official and unofficial institutions, benefiting the enemy, through its members directly linked to the U.S. Central Intelligence Agency (CIA).

Security services issued the following statement:

Allah Almighty said:” O you who have believed, if you support Allah, He will support you and plant firmly your feet * But those who disbelieve – for them is misery, and He will waste their deeds.” Allah Almighty has spoken the truth.

With the help and success of Allah, a US-Israeli espionage network that performed espionage and sabotage functions in official and unofficial institutions for decades was arrested, benefiting the enemy through its members directly linked to the US Central Intelligence Agency (CIA), which recruited key elements. The espionage network trained these individuals in intelligence techniques and provided them with special devices and equipment, enabling them to carry out espionage and sabotage activities in the Republic of Yemen and facilitating their transfer of information to American and Israeli intelligence officers secretly.

Members of the US-Israeli espionage network and US officers exploited their positions at the U.S. embassy to conduct espionage and sabotage activities away from diplomatic customs and the limits and controls imposed by Yemeni laws regulating embassy work.

After the US embassy left Sanaa in early 2015, network elements continued implementing the same sabotage agenda under the cover of international organizations, raising slogans of humanitarian work to hide their espionage and sabotage activities.

This great achievement was accomplished with Allah’s help and grace and with great efforts and joint cooperation between various security agencies. Monitoring, investigation, and tracking operations led to the arrest of key elements of the US-Israeli espionage network. After gathering information and evidence, other network elements in official and unofficial institutions were identified, revealing all the plans and roles carried out by the espionage network, differing in nature and level of influence from previously exposed cells. Their work was not limited to espionage in one aspect but extended to most aspects of life, with their sabotage actions felt in various regions, groups, and fields. The damage from their actions accumulated over decades, serving as the main arm for implementing American and Israeli enemy plans to destroy crops and livestock, undermine societal values and morals, destroy Yemeni state institutions, strike the economy, loot resources, and obstruct reform and change efforts. Their prominent espionage and sabotage functions included:

  1. The US-Israeli espionage network collected important information on various security, military, economic, political, health, educational, agricultural, cultural, and social aspects, providing it to enemy intelligence services. Their espionage extended beyond state institutions to society and informal institutions.
  2. For decades, the US-Israeli spy network influenced decision-makers, infiltrated state authorities, and approved decisions and laws serving American Zionist interests.
  3. The US-Israeli spy network worked to attract many figures, coordinating visits to the United States to influence or recruit them to work with US intelligence.
  4. The US-Israeli espionage network recruited some economists and owners of oil and commercial companies, linking them with US intelligence to implement corrupt and destructive plans serving American and Israeli enemy interests across Yemeni governorates, providing secret information, reports, and studies to enemy intelligence on all economic sectors such as oil, commerce, banking, and communications, monitoring economic indicators with the aim of controlling the economy and ensuring the continuation of looting Yemeni wealth.
  5. The US-Israeli espionage network carried out sabotage and destructive functions in agriculture, focusing on frustrating agricultural research bodies and seed multiplication centers, recruiting spies in the Ministry of Agriculture. They implemented US plans, including the production and multiplication of agricultural pests and undermining local production, adopting policies that frustrated farmers and encouraged importing agricultural and animal products from foreign markets.
  6. The US-Israeli spy network implemented projects and programs in the health sector, aiming to destroy it, contributing to the spread of diseases and epidemics in various Yemeni governorates.
  7. The US-Israeli spy network implemented destructive plans in the education sector, undermining its role and separating education from construction and development.
  8. The US-Israeli spy network participated in implementing plans targeting the religious identity of the Yemeni people, attacking their authentic values and customs, spreading vice and depravity, and managing moral corruption centers.
  9. The US-Israeli espionage network conducted technical espionage operations for enemy intelligence, seeking secret information from various state institutions and sectors, spying on Yemeni society’s privacy to use this information for hostile plans targeting Yemen’s land and people.
  10. For decades, the espionage network provided the CIA and Mossad with highly important, confidential, and dangerous military and security information, weakening the Yemeni army before the blessed September 21 revolution.
  11. After the victory of the blessed September 21 revolution and the US embassy’s departure from Sanaa, the US-Israeli espionage network continued its subversive roles. US and Israeli intelligence collected limited information on the state’s general budget, Salvation Government’s approved plans and policies, and sought to reveal funding sources for military fronts and enemy intelligence services.
  12. The US-Israeli espionage network conducted intelligence activities for the enemy, targeting the military capabilities created by Yemeni armed forces during the US-Saudi aggression against Yemen, monitoring military movement.