Al-Houthi Met Ambassadors And Members Of The Foreign Ministry

The Chairman of the Higher Revolutionary Committee Mohammed Ali al-Houthi met a number of ambassadors and members of the Foreign Ministry on السبت أغسطس 30.
Al-Houthi said that the alleged Yemeni legitimacy in Saudi is only a reason to pass their conspiracy against Yemen, “the Saudi-led Coalition targeted civilians with internationally forbidden weapons, hit the cities, schools, monuments, mosques, public markets, bridges, roads, ports, airports and all the resources of the state under alleged legitimacy.”
The Chairman of the Higher Revolutionary Committee added that the ministry of Foreign Affairs tasks is getting the voice and the suffering of the people to all of the world’s countries.
“If the soldier protects his homeland and in the field through his weapon, ministry of Foreign Affairs’s members have to protect it through their voices and their pens,” al-Houthi said.