Saudi Arabia increases attempts to take over Mahrah province


Al- Thawra Net

Saudi Arabia occupation forces have stepped up its attempts to completely take over Mahrah province during the recent period, using both ground forces and helicopter units to enforce its illegal occupation of the Yemeni province.

Al-Mahra Post reported that “Saudi Arabia’s using of Apache helicopters is aimed at terrorizing the people of Mahrah who reject its presence and who have been confronting the Saudi militias in the past whole year of peaceful struggle in order to defend national sovereignty.”

The source revealed considerable pressure exerted by Saudi forces, for example by distributing heavy weapons to mercenary militia camps in various directorates of Mahrah, in order to create chaos, infighting, banditry and attacks on citizens.

“ The wisdom of the tribes and the sense of responsibility in preserving national cohesion and strengthening ties of Yemeni unity have thwarted the rift that Saudi Arabia sought between the tribe and the army,” one of the sources said.

In the same context, Sheikh Ali Salem al-Harizi, former Under-Secretary of the province, has praised the role of the Yemeni army and Yemeni tribes in preserving the country’s national sovereignty.

He further called on all the people of the province to take care and be cautious against any schemes aimed at destroying the unity and cohesion of Yemenis