Saudi-led coalition brings members of Al-Qaeda, ISIS to Marib front


Al-Thawra Net

Media sources have revealed that the Saudi-led coalition has brought members of Al-Qaeda and ISIS from Syria to the al-Alam front in Marib province, media sources reported on Friday.

Al-Masirah TV channel confirmed in an urgent news broadcast this evening that the Saudi-led aggression coalition brought in takfiri elements led by Raid bin Saud bin Ma’eili and a Daesh (ISIS) leader called Salman bin Ali bin Hamad bin Miqan, a returnee from Syria, and his brother Abdullah.

The move came after Yemeni army forces backed the Popular Committees managed on Friday to liberate the most important strategic sites on the outskirts of Marib city.

The army and Popular Committees were able to clear the strategic Hilan junction and al-Dhiqu area on the outskirts of the city, inflicting heavy losses on the Saudi-led coalition mercenaries in terms of both lives and military gear, the official explained.

He indicated that most of the coalition recruits fled towards the city, leaving a large amount of equipment that was taken as spoils of war by the Yemeni army.

The Yemeni army and Popular Committees came as close as a mere 12 kilometers to the government complex of Ma’rib city from the west, 25 kilometers from the north, and about 50 kilometers from the south, a military source reported on Thursday.

“The city of Marib is just around the corner for the forces loyal to Sana’a, which encircle the city from several sides,” he added.