Parliament condemns imposition of additional taxes on importers


The Parliament condemned, in its Monday session, the decision of the government loyal to Saudi-led coalition to impose additional tax fees on importing merchants.

The parliament denounced to the pro-coalition government’s collusion in implementing the economic war plan against the Yemeni people by signing of suspicious loan agreements, wasting the wealth of the Yemeni people, and tampering with their interests and capabilities.

Members of the Parliament considered this arbitrary measure by the pro-coalition government a crime added to the series of crimes and conspiracies committed by the coalition, which target the lives of the Yemeni people and their livelihood in all provinces of the country.

They affirmed that such an arbitrary measure harms the movement of internal trade and increases the rates of poverty and famine among citizens.

The Parliament members called on the United Nations and humanitarian and international organizations to assume their humanitarian responsibilities and carry out their duties to stop this arbitrary measure and the plundering of the wealth of the Yemeni people.