Shabwa Tribes fall apart to expel the STC


Shabwa tribes began large-scale movements to remove the Emirati factions from the oil province.

This came, coinciding with measures led by Sheikh Ahmed Musaed Hussein and the former governor of Shabwa, Bin Adio, to form a new gathering that includes the Shabwa tribes and a number of political and military figures, to confront the STC.

Informed sources said that a number of sheikhs of the tribes and districts of Shabwa are preparing to hold an expanded meeting with military leaders during the next two days, to mobilize the fighters, in preparation for a decisive battle against the factions of the pro-UAE council.

The sources indicated that the meeting will announce its support for the new southern gathering that is being formed in Shabwa.

The Shabwa tribes are uniting to expel the transitional forces, similar to the Abyan scenario, where an armed tribal uprising is taking place against the council factions, which are about to collapse in light of the painful blows.

The UAE had launched a massive campaign to disarm the tribes in Shabwa, in an attempt to strike at their power and dismantle their warlike systems.