A new Saudi threat to the Transitional Council


Saudi Arabia issued a new threat to the Transitional Council, which is loyal to the UAE in southern Yemen.

This coincides with the intensification of disputes with the presidential office in Aden.

Abdullah Al Hatila, advisor to the editor-in-chief of Okaz newspaper and who is close to Saudi intelligence, pointed out that everyone who incites against what he described as “legitimacy” is serving with what he described as the “Iranian project” in a threat to the transitional party that has been escalating for two days against the authority affiliated with Saudi Arabia in Aden.

The “Iranian project” is a banner used by Saudi Arabia to target forces opposed to its agenda in Yemen, and it has previously used it in war and siege over the past nine years.

Al Hatila’s tweet is considered an indirect threat to the STC, which detained the Prime Minister in Aden and cordoned off the residence of Rashad Al-Alimi, President of the Presidential Council.