Russia’s delegate to the UN: The raids on Yemen are a failure and unjustified


Russia’s Permanent Representative to the United Nations, Vasily Nebenzia, confirmed that the attacks by the American-Western coalition on Yemen are in violation of the United Nations Charter and there is no justification for them, and they increase the intensity of escalation in the region.

Nebenzia said during a meeting of the UN Security Council that “the already complex situation has become more complicated due to the unjustified strikes directed by the Western coalition on the territory of Yemen, the sovereign state, in violation of the United Nations Charter.”

He added, “Such actions, such as the continued militarization of the waters around Yemen, do not help ensure the security of navigation in the Red Sea, but rather exacerbate the escalation.”

Russia’s delegate to the United Nations pointed out that “the failed experience of the coalition formed by the United States clearly proves that the use of force against Yemen will not improve the situation in the Red Sea.”