UN: Millions Of Yemenis Are At Risk Due To Bombing

The UNHCR Representative in Yemen, Mr. Johannes Van Der Klaauw, said that the escalating 
conflict has put millions of people at risk of physical injury or death.
Klaauw told the press in Geneva on سبتمبر 10th that humanitarian situation in Yemen is 
getting worse by the hour, “we should not forget that the current conflict in Yemen takes 
place against the backdrop of a humanitarian crisis of a protracted nature and of a size and a 
complexity which is amongst the largest in the world.”
“This current conflict has aggravated the situation and has made the population increasingly 
vulnerable,” he added.
The ground attacks and airstrikes are quickly unraveling “anything there was left” of basic 
services including health care, safe water and availability of food.
Klaauw added that even before the latest escalation of the conflict, 16 of the 25 million 
Yemenis required humanitarian assistance to meet their most basic needs.
“Ordinary Yemeni families are struggling to access health care, water, food and fuel 
–commodities that are basic requirements for their survival,” the Humanitarian Coordinator 
Schools, hospitals, markets, power plants and warehouses have been damaged. Shortages of 
food and fuel are being reported across the country. Many areas in the country are also 
experiencing frequent power cuts, and shortages of water and fuel. In the city of Aden, one 
million people risk being cut off from access to clean drinking water within a matter of days.
Health facilities lack fuel for generators and water necessary to maintain basic operations.
“We do our utmost to deliver life-saving assistance and protection services, to the extent 
possible,” Mr. van der Klaauw said.