The Guardian: Britain Participates In The War On Yemen


The Guardian British Newspaper revealed that the Britain supports military aggression against Yemen through providing arms and military technical equipment for the Saudi aggression to bomb Yemen.
In its report published today under the title ” Yemen and the scandal of UK arms sales to Saudi Arabia”, the Guardian said that Arabs has the right to highlight the dissatisfaction and silence of the western about what is happening in Yemen.
the Guardian said that that in the time that Britain provided medical and food aid, it is also selling arms and giving technical support to a Saudi Arabia-led coalition bombing campaign in Yemen in full knowledge of the risk of potential war crimes.
the Guardian  pointed out that since the conflict escalated in مارس the UK has issued 37 arms export licenses for arms transfers to Saudi Arabia, ” the government has declined to tell parliament the details of these deals. It justifies the continued fuelling of the crisis on the grounds it has assurances from the Saudi government that its bombing campaign is in accordance with international law”.