Al-Houthi: Yemeni Revolution Continues and political settlement possible


Leader of Yemen’s Ansarullah Movement Abdul-Malik al-Houthi said that the Yemeni revolution will continue until it achieves its legitimate rights.

“Our revolution will continue until we guarantee our existence, dignity and independence, these things cannot be compromised,” Abdul-Malik al-Houthi said while addressing Yemenis on the eve of the first anniversary of the Yemeni revolution.

In a televised speech on الأحد’s night al-Houthi  said that the Saudi regime is a partner with  Israel in the aggression against the holy places and the people of Palestine, ” Saudi and Israel are moving in one direction to impose animosities and problems among the Arab nation”.

Al-Houthi stressed that Saudi regime helps Israel in many ways and spreading the sectarian and sedition among the nation is in order to disable the nation from facing the occupation, ” Saudi regime put the region in wars and the only beneficiary of this is Tel Aviv”.

Al-Houthi warned that Saudi will not escape the shame that waiting them because they prevent Yemenis from the pilgrimage, ” the Grand Mosque in Mecca is not owned by them but it is  for all. Preventing Yemenis from  Hajj is a big crime and serious issue should not be tolerated.”

Ansarullah’s leader called all parts to leave all political differences and care only about the crimes committed against children, women and civilians by the Saudi aggression.

Al-Houthi pointed to the immense of greediness that threatens Yemen and its wealth, stressing that the revolution saved Yemen from loss and from the invaders attempt to control it through several pretexts, including the influence of Al-Qaeda.

“The 21st of سبتمبر Revolution represented a popular choice at the time previous political forces were a tool to pass the invasion of Yemen scheme,” he added.

“They wanted to occupy the country and seize its wealth and its location and if this was achieved they wouldn’t have hesitated to sow more discord,” he said.

Al-Houthi stressed that the Yemenis welcome any efforts for peaceful solutions as long as they doesn’t violate the Yemeni people rights.