Amnesty International launches global campaign to stop flow of arms to Saudi Arabia, UAE


Al-Thawra Net

Amnesty International has launched a global campaign to stop the flow of arms to Saudi Arabia and the UAE under the slogan “Stop the flow of weapons that kill Yemenis”.

“It has become difficult to ignore the conflict in Yemen. The world has been shocked by the images of civilians who have been killed or wounded; starving Yemenis, the destruction of schools, hospitals and markets with bombs made in the United States and the United Kingdom,” the organization said in a statement, which Yemen News Agency (Saba) received  a copy of it.

“We must stop the flow of arms that fuel human rights violations in Yemen,” the statement added.

The organization continued to say “We can put pressure on countries to stop arms transfers, reduce violations and the suffering of civilians, and send a message to the Saudi-UAE-led coalition that persistent violations will not be tolerated.”