Southern Yemeni leader: Supporting Hadi and Saudi coalition was a huge mistake


Al-Thawra Net

The head of the so-called Political Bureau of the Revolutionary Movement for the Liberation and Independence of the South, Fadi Baoum, has said that the end of war is a humanitarian demand before there can be any talk about any political issues. Baoum furthermore spoke out against the Saudi-Emirati interference in Yemen.

“The revolutionary movement takes on the Stockholm negotiations that it has not taken into account the participation of Southerners, who are a fundamental party. Their absence from those negotiations is unacceptable and represents exclusion for southerners. We are calling on everyone to understand that there can be no solution without solving the southern issue, which is mainly the main problem,” Baoum said during an interview with France 24 channel on Saturday.

He indicated that Southerners had “made a big mistake when they took part in war to defend Hadi. This was a major calamity because the people of the southern provinces handed over their land to the so-called “legitimate government” that does not want anyone to share in making decisions.”

Fadi Baoum described the Saudi-Emirati presence in those provinces as “a stupid, dull and backward occupation.”

He confirmed that the Saudi-Emirati occupation has ambitions in Yemen, and that it is the main cause of the destruction of the country, its blockade and looting of its assets and wealth, as well as acting with its people in an arrogant way.

“They [the Saudi-UAE invaders] do not want to see Yemenis from south or north, but they want them to be inferior of them in everything,” he added.

“The UAE controls Socotra and Aden, and Saudi Arabia controls Mahrah, while they split Hadhramaut between them,” he said.

Baoum furthermore confirmed that officials in the exiled Hadi’s government “can not take any decision in the country, while the whole of the South today is stalled, and UAE and Saudi Arabian occupations dominate its ports, airports, islands and sources of wealth and oil.”

“Saudi Arabia brought six brigades from the southern provinces to protect its own borders from Ansarullah. They sent 1,200 soldiers to Mahrah to occupy it, which is about 1,200 kilometers away from the fighting areas, which is a major insult to the dignity of southerners and Yemenis,” he said.

“All that is offered to Southerners by Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates with what they describe as assistance is from our oil and our money, so they give us our right and then we got harmed. It is immoral and indecent,” he added.

“We don’t need them and they have to lift their hands off our airports, ports and oil. We don’t want anything from them,” he said.

He noted that “The South suffers under the occupation, under severe service crises and non-payment of salaries, while they spend on their militias from the funds of Hadhramaut and Shabwah oil. There is no safety for the southern provinces as long as the UAE and Saudi Arabia still occupy our land.”

Fadi Baoum said that he agreed with Ansarullah, in not wanting any foreign interference in their country, and that he refuses to allow a Saudi or Emirati soldier to govern southerners inside their land and in their country.

While no southern Yemeni citizen can enter Saudi Arabia and the UAE, the Yemenis insist on sovereignty over their land and preserve their dignity. The south Yemeni leader concluded by saying that Yemenis should hold sovereignty over their land and preserve their dignity.