Saada criminal court reviews evidence of coalition crime against student bus in Dhahyan


Al-Thawra Net

The Criminal Court in Saada province on Sunday reviewed at its hearing headed by Judge Riyadh al-Rozami, evidence of crime of Saudi-led aggression coalition’s attack on a student bus in Dhahyan district.

In the hearing, Chief Prosecution Judge Ibrahim Jahez reviewed the read and heard evidence of this crime, which left 42 martyrs and 70 wounded, most of them children due to the coalition warplanes’ targeting of a student bus in Dhahyan market with a smart bomb of “mk82” type manufactured by the American General Dynamics Corporation belonging to US Air Force.

The court also heard the lawsuit filed by the legal counsel of the victims’ parents, both personal and civil.

The court approved the postponement until next Sunday, to complete hearing witnesses of evidence and enabling defense attorneys to respond to the lawsuit of the victims parents in this crime, on which 61 people were accused, the first of whom was Donald Trump and the last was Hamid Mujali.