Yemen condemns Bahrain’s normalization with Zionist entity


Al-Thawra Net

Yemen’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs strongly condemned on Friday the Kingdom of Bahrain’s announcement of the normalization with the Zionist entity.

The Ministry affirmed in a statement that that normalization Bahrain’s relations with the Zionist entity is a negation of the legitimate rights of the Palestinian people, a violation of the principles of the Arab and Islamic nations towards the Palestinian cause.

The statement a Bahrain’s step is a treason of the Arab and Islamic nations and the Palestinian cause, and the holy places.

The statement pointed out that normalization with the Zionist entity will not contribute to achieving peace as much as it is a suspicious step to target the Palestinian people and entrenching the Zionist occupation to commit more crimes against Palestinians.

It renewed the position of the Republic of Yemen rejecting all forms of normalization with the Zionist entity, and the Yemeni government and people stand united with the Palestinian people in their legitimate struggle and backing its resistance until expelling the hateful Zionist occupation and liberating Palestinian soil.

The Ministry called on all Arab and Islamic countries and peoples to activate the boycott weapon to face the Israeli entity.

It indicated that all the Israeli plans being responded by some Arab governments will not succeed in eliminating the Palestinian cause, stressing awareness of the Palestinian resistance and its people, and all the free Arab and Islamic peoples will break the Zionist plans.