Thirteen Civilians Killed and wounded in the last 24 Hours in Hodeida and Sa’ada

اثار القصف السعودي

Thirteen citizens, including women, were killed and injured in new violations of the aggression forces in Hodeida province and artillery shelling in Sa’ada province, a military official said to SABA on Thursday.

The official confirmed a woman was killed and three others were injured in the aggression forces’ artillery shelling on Hodedia’s al-Shuhada and al-Durrah neighborhoods and Ghaza street in al-Hali district of Hodeida.

He said a civilian was killed and three were wounded by artillery shelling of mercenaries on al-Suwaiq area in al-Tuhaita district of Hodeida.

He said a civilian was killed and four others were seriously injured in a Saudi bombing of al-Raqo in the border district of Munbbah of Sa’ada.

Moreover, the official added that the aggression forces committed 245 violations in Hodeida, adding the forces established military combat fortifications in al-Jabalia area of al-Tuhaita district in Hodeida and Hays district in the province as well.

The aggression forces’ spy planes launched 13 raids on  al-Jabaliya, al-Tuhaita,  al-Mandhar, al-Faza and al-Jah areas in Hodeida, he said.

He added the aggression forces also committed 94 violations with missile and artillery shelling of 743 shells and 132 violations with various bullets while they targeted with mortar and artillery shells residential neighborhoods on the 50th Street and July 7th neighborhood in Hodeida city.

In Marib province, the aggression warplanes launched three raids on Rahba district and three raids on Mahliyah district, the official concluded.