Deputy Chief of the General Staff: Marib battle proceeding according to Plan


The Deputy Chief of the General Staff, Major General Ali Al-Mushki, said that the battle of Marib is proceeding according to the plans drawn for it, and the field performance is characterized by high professionalism and meticulous commitment to the established plans.

He pointed out that the military operations in Marib will soon reach their goals, and that the people who have suffered from the arrogance of the takfiri groups will gain freedom.

He indicated that the military forces in Marib are led by foreign forces from Saudi Arabia, the UAE, and the takfiri groups. “The forces of aggression have made Marib a nest for takfiri groups and foreign forces, and have killed many of the position in Marib.”

Al-Mushki explained that there are many mercenaries in Marib who were recruited to work with the takfiri groups, and some of them had participation in Chechnya, Afghanistan and elsewhere.

He stressed that the Americans expressed their fear of the battle of Marib, when the Army and the Popular Co