Protesters disrupt football match organised by Saudi-backed groups in Taiz


Hundreds of citizens rioted on Friday during a football match in one of sports clubs in Taiz province.

According to sources, protesters stormed the al-Shuhada Stadium and stopped a match that had been organised by the Saudi-backed Islah Party.

A championship, which was named after the Emir of Qatar, Tamim bin Hamad, had to be canceled, after the crowds chanted condemnations of the crimes of Islah in Taiz.

Although Hamoud al-Mikhlafi, a leader in the Islah Party, had allocated five million riyals and cars for a lottery to be given to the masses, the crowds categorically rejected the attempted bribe.

The Islah Party maintains control over the city of Taiz and the southern parts of the province, which is the cause of discontent among local citizens because of what they describe as a criminal approach represented by regular killings, corruption and exclusion that the Islah has practiced with Saudi backing.