Ministry of Health warns for imminent health crisis as storage of life-saving medicines about to run out completely


he Ministry of Health in the National Salvation Government of Yemen has on Friday warned of an imminent health disaster that could claim the lives of thousands of patients suffering from chronic diseases as a result of the lack of life-saving medicines.

Dr. Ibrahim al-Shami, Director General of Medical Supply Stores at the Ministry of Health, said that since the Saudi-led coalition closed Sana’a airport, medicines for chronic diseases are almost not available because they require tight special transport and storage conditions.

He noted that the demand for medicines for chronic diseases is high and sharp in the stores of the pharmaceutical supply in the ministry, in light of the great scarcity of these items. For his part, Dr. Abdul Nasser al-Quraishi explained that medications requiring refrigeration can save the lives of patients with chronic diseases such as diabetes, blood and liver diseases, bloodnclots, immunity deficiency, as well as people needing to dialysis, gynecology and childbirth aid”.

Al-Quraishi confirmed that the ministry’s storage of the medicine for patients with multiple sclerosis is sufficient only to treat no more than 6 patients.