Prime Minister Abdulaziz bin Habtoor breaks down imperialist plots against Yemen


Prime Minister of Yemen, Dr. Abdulaziz Saleh bin Habtoor, has said that “the Americans insistence on swapping the humanitarian file for military issues is aimed at pushing Sana’a to surrender.”

During an interview with Al-Masirah TV, The Prime Minister revealed an American offer to Sana’a in the third year of aggression, in which the US asked Yemen to surrender “symbolically” in return for the US ensuring helping to “resolve” the conflict.

Regarding the illegal British military presence in Mahrah, the Prime Minister said that the British presence is concentrated in Mahrah in favour of Saudi interests in extending the oil pipeline project.

Bin Habtoor pointed out that the UAE is “a very cheap tool used by the Americans and the British, and it is trying to be a country outside the region because of the large amount of money it has accumulated.”

He added: “The UAE wants to secure interests of a geographical type, and Saudi Arabia wants to secure its strategic projects with a long-term economic dimension.”

“The conflict that is taking place by the new colonists in the south is about their own interests,” he said.

Abdulaziz Bin Habtoor furthermore said that “the occupation of Socotra island and the expulsion of groups belonging to Saudi agents is a service to the Zionist project, because the UAE has normalised its relations with the Zionist enemy.”

He pointed out that “the current geographical division that exists in the Arabian Peninsula and some Arab regimes, is mostly maintained in order to protect the Zionist project.”