Gunmen Loyal to the Occupation Forces seize dozens of Trucks in Lahj


Tribal gunmen loyal to the UAE occupation continued to seize trucks belonging to merchants in the occupied Lahj governorate.

Local sources in Lahj said that gunmen from the Al-Sabiha tribes, loyal to the so-called Transitional Council, continue to detain dozens of commercial trucks belonging to merchants from Taiz Governorate, in Tur Al-Baha area.

The sources pointed out that the detention of merchants’ trucks came in response to the Islah detention of a commercial truck belonging to one of Al-Sabiha’s sons.

It indicated that the gunmen refused to release the trucks they had seized since last Sunday evening, which caused damage to some of the goods loaded on board.

The province of Lahj is experiencing a major security chaos and the spread of militants and gangs along the commercial roads in Lahj, in light of the control of the occupation forces and their mercenaries over the province.