Sayyid Abdul-Malik condemns Saudi Arabia’s indoctrination of generations towards Israeli friendship


The Leader of the Revolution Sayyid Abdul-Malik has strongly criticized the Saudi regime for its deliberate attempt to cultivate a friendly relationship with the Israeli enemy at the expense of future generations.

This came in his speech aired on Saturday  during the inauguration of the summer courses and activities for the year 1445  AH in the capital Sana’a.

He asserted that Saudi Arabia has reshaped its educational curriculum to portray Israel in a positive light, going as far as removing Quranic verses that shed light on the actions of Zionist Jews and their historical context.

“One of the Saudi leaders went as far as to claim that the Israeli enemy is a future ally,” the leader pointed out in a speech on Saturday, marking the inauguration of summer courses, highlighting the injustice done to generations when educational curricula promote the Israeli enemy, despite witnessing their actions in Gaza.

“Saudi Arabia has amended its educational curricula, making the primary focus and the core of its revision the subject of Zionist Jews and ‘Israel,’ removing all Quranic verses,” he added.

“The Saudis have gone to the extent of removing Quranic verses that speak about the crimes of the Jews, expose them to people, and warn against them, showing more respect to Zionist Jews than to the Quran without any shame.”

He emphasized that the Saudis remove Quranic verses from the curriculum because they might anger Zionist Jews and could hinder the normalization issue and the allegiance they are leaning towards. They have also altered or completely removed prophetic traditions, and the Saudis’ criterion has become pleasing Israel, which is a great injustice to generations.

The leader also addressed the culture of Zionist Jews, explaining that they have the slogan ‘Death to the Arabs,’ a slogan they repeat, chant, and act upon.

Sayyid Abdul-Malik further criticizes the United Arab Emirates (UAE) for following a similar path as Saudi Arabia, emphasizing the normalization of relations with Israel at the expense of Arab dignity and honor. He warns that this trend of indoctrinating future generations towards accepting Israel as a friend and ally is spreading to other Arab nations, reflecting a concerning departure from historical solidarity with the Palestinian cause.

Regarding the Israeli enemy, the leader said that it does not change anything in its educational curricula and educational policy and raises its children with strong animosity towards Muslims, confirming that the intense Jewish hostility towards Muslims continues from childhood to old age within a hostile program to control the nation.