Parliament condemns US policies, calls for action against Zionist crimes


emen’s Parliament strongly denounced the US policies that run counter to the demands of the Palestinian people, who are seeking their right to self-defense and the establishment of an independent state with its capital in Al-Quds.

In its session chaired by Deputy Speaker Abdulsalam Hishoul on Saturday, the Parliament characterized these policies as manifestations of arrogance and chaos perpetuated by the US globally to exploit the resources of nations and deprive free people of their right to live with dignity.

Highlighting the UN General Assembly’s adoption of a resolution urging the Security Council to reconsider Palestine’s full membership in the UN as a positive step, the Parliament emphasized the need for international action to halt the brutal massacres and genocide perpetrated against the Palestinian people.

Additionally, it urged the UN and the international community to swiftly intervene to halt the series of Zionist crimes, which include the unlawful seizure of Palestinian lands, continuous assaults by settler gangs on Palestinian civilians, and attacks on humanitarian workers and facilities.