Parliament condemns economic war, espionage plot against the nation


The Yemeni Parliament expressed appreciation for the efforts made by security services and citizens who played a key role in exposing the American-Israeli espionage network linked to the US Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) and Israel’s Mossad.

In a statement on Tuesday, the Parliament praised the security achievement and commended the leadership of Sayyed Abdul-Malik al-Houthi. They lauded his wisdom and competence in managing the battle amidst betrayal by normalization regimes and agents against the nation’s causes. The Parliament highlighted the importance of understanding the stage’s requirements and the conspiracies targeting Yemen, Palestine, and the Arab and Islamic nations, aiming to deplete their resources and control their wealth.

The Parliament acknowledged the successive victories achieved under Sayyed Abdul-Malik’s leadership, which allowed Yemen to transition from defending the homeland to regional and international deterrence against forces of arrogance and Zionist and American hegemony.

The success of this operation, along with previous ones, was seen as a culmination of security and military victories and a triumph for the Yemeni people’s will in confronting US-British-Zionist aggression. The Parliament celebrated this victory, recognizing it as a testament to the sacrifices of the Yemeni people and their resilience from the first day of aggression.

The Parliament urged judicial authorities to swiftly try those involved in treason and betrayal of national security, ensuring they receive fair and deterrent punishment. They called for heightened vigilance and security awareness to enhance the nation’s stability, unity, sovereignty, and independence.

The Parliament affirmed that the enemy’s economic war, through internal agents, would not deter the Yemeni people and Armed Forces from their steadfast position and supportive role for the Palestinian people and their resistance. Instead, it would strengthen their determination and lead to further victories.

The statement pointed out the ongoing economic conspiracy since the Central Bank transfer, noting that the Aden Bank has failed to pay state employees’ salaries, causing widespread hunger. The Parliament questioned the whereabouts of oil and gas revenues, airports, and ports, and condemned the looting of deposits without benefiting the Yemeni people.

They warned against the continued exploitation of Yemen’s wealth and resources, highlighting the dire humanitarian situation in occupied governorates due to economic deterioration, rising exchange rates, famine, and epidemics.