UAE-backed Militia Controls Ataq After More than 30 Raids


UAE-backed forces in Shabwa managed to control the city of Ataq, the center of the governorate, after forces loyal to the Presidential Council  retreated after the UAE launched more than 30 air raids with drones.

Field sources  Emirates drones launched several air raids on the sites of the Special Security Forces and the army, after those forces managed to control the city of Ataq, its entrances, and all its streets until dawn, amid a mass fleeing of the militia forces supported by the Emirates.

According to the sources, that militia returned after the Emirates planes paved the way for it and targeted the sites of the Special Security Forces and the army, pointing to the occurrence of many martyrs among the latter’s ranks.

She pointed out that the air raids targeted the sites of “Taba Al-Issal, Rescue Camp, Al-Hayat Hospital, Brigade 21 Mika Camp, Noukhan Junction Point, Al-Shuhada Camp, Al-Musanah Junction Point, Al-Kadz Site, Military Police, Ataq Axis Command, and the airport.”

The sources stated that the STC militia and forces affiliated with the governor stormed the house of Brigadier General Abd Rabbo Lakab, the dismissed commander of the Special Forces, and looted all of its contents.

Sources explained that the STC carried out several raids on a number of houses in the city and looted many of them, while pictures spread on social media of civilians looting houses in the city.

The sources did not mention the fate of the commander of the Special Security Forces, Brigadier-General Abd Rabbo Lakab, while the sources did not indicate the number of dead on both sides.