UAS Prepares To Occupy South Of Yemen


Al-Thawar Net

When USA’s will to dominate and control any country attend, it uses all excuses to spread its military forces in the selected country. The American scenario is well-known and it has been applied in several Islamic and Arabic countries .

The new country to be controlled by them is Yemen. The American scenario appears clearly  in the south of Yemen with all details, and the existence of Daash ( ISIS ) and Al Qaida and the USA silence is a clear evidence.

The American political interference must  warn their existence and stop their expansion in the south of Yemen, but they didn’t.

In this regard ,the preparation to apply this scenario started under the pretext ” the second security campaign to fight Al –Qaida” in Aden. Strange thing is the huge media campaign to cover fighting al-Qaida in Lahij and Abyan.

The military and media campaign consider as a late recognition of al-Qaeda presence in Yemen that controls the its southern cites. This reveals the reality of the American project that is started by pushing the UAE to call the USA for military support to attack al-Qaida in the south part of Yemen.

After the visit of Secretary of Defense Ashton Carter  to the UAE, the UAE sent 200 Armored and military vehicles to Hadramout to fight Al-Qaidain al-Mukla

Here game dimensions revealed: how could those who enabled al-Qaeda and Daash to enter  the south and overlooked its presence and its crimes fight it now?!

Why did the UAE ask the USA  for military support?

Several questions need to be answered to be aware before finding the southern cities a place for the US military bases, al Qaeda and Daash.