YPC Director: Yemeni oil reserves have completely run out


Al-Thawra Net

The Yemen Petroleum Company (YPC) director, Ammar Al-Adraei, has confirmed that ships seized by the US-Saudi aggression are carrying a total of four thousand tons of oil derivatives and food imports.

Al-Adraei told Almasirah on Friday, that “the Yemen Petroleum Company’s reserve has completely run out, and all vital sectors are being threatened with complete shutdown in the coming days.”

“Today, we count on God and our leadership, but we are now unable to secure any oil”, he said.

He noted that the health sector is primarily threatened by the lack of oil derivatives, and that especially newborns risk death in hospitals as a result.

The YPC staff continued to protest in front of the United Nations building in Sana’a. In the protest, the Minister of Oil and Minerals Ahmed Dares said that press briefings, local meetings, protests and conferences have not achieved the goal of getting the message about the catastrophic situation in Yemen across.

“The United Nations and the world did not hear our voice,” the Minister said, indicating that the quantities of diesel in the company’s stock has ran out.

The Minister pointed out that “the Yemeni People do not beg (…) but we call on the United Nations to carry out its humanitarian duties towards more than 26 million Yemenis.”

In a statement, the ministry authorized the leadership and the Armed Forces to take the necessary deterrence options in order to compel the aggression coalition to allow oil ships reach the ports and save the lives of Yemenis.