Saudi Arabia demands sacking and expulsion of Yemeni migrant workers in Jizan, Asir and Najran


Saudi authorities have taken new arbitrary measures against Yemeni expatriates living in the kingdom. This was reported by Yemen News portal, based on well-informed sources.

According to the sources, the Saudi authorities gave Saudi citizens in Jizan, Asir and Najran regions four months to lay off their Yemeni migrant workers.

Saudi Arabia’s arbitrary measure requires the replacement of workers of other nationalities to replace the Yemenis, the sources said.

Riyadh’s actions indicate that it has reached a state of panic and confusion in the management of the war against Yemen it has been waging for the past six years.

The Saudi authorities apparently made an illogical link between Yemeni expatriates, most of whom work in the construction and construction sector, and the continued victories of the Yemeni forces against the Saudi-led invaders.