Violent clashes Erupt between Islah and STC fictions in Southern Provinces


violent clashes erupted in several districts in Shabwa Governorate, southeast of Yemen, after Hadi forces tried to prevent the activities expected today of their opponents in the Transitional Council, which is loyal to the UAE.

Local sources reported violent clashes in Nisab district, after what they described as “Islah  militias” attacked the convoy of Dhara’s residents with various types of weapons in an attempt to prevent them from reaching the demonstration headquarters in the district.

In Mayfa’a district, the sources confirmed the fall of a number of injured as a result of the bombing of the homes of leaders of the Transitional Council in the Upper Baqadir area of ​​Mayfa’a district.

The bombing was followed by a storming  attack of an assumed square to set up an event for STC supporters, which sparked widespread clashes that are still taking place there until now.

Clashes also took place between the Islah factions and the transitional forces in Habban district, during the security forces’ attempt to storm a sit-in in the Al-Brah area, the center of the Habban district.

Bihan district is witnessing tension as Islah pushed with 20 security vehicles  from Marib governorate.

These developments are added to a series of moves by Hadi factions with the aim of preventing the STC’s last attempt to review the presence of the most important oil province.