Islah Party Storms protesters in Shabwa


Hadis’ security forces stormed the “Freedom and Independence Square” in the city of Ataq, the center of Shabwa governorate, in an attempt to prevent demonstrators from reaching it.

This happened amid escalating threats between Islah and transitional forces, which threatens to turn the protests into direct confrontations.

Local sources confirmed that Islah’s special security forces opened fire with medium and heavy weapons at the mass delegations coming from the areas of Upper Baqadir and Al-Houta in Mayfa’a district.

The sources pointed out that the forces arrested dozens of citizens in the city of Ataq, including Muhammad Abdullah Abdul Rahim Abdul-Manea, and Muhammad Omar Hafza Abdul-Manea, while they were trying to join the popular demonstrations in the governorate.

The directorates of Shabwa governorate are witnessing popular protests, demanding the departure of the Islah and so called  Legitimacy forces, in light of the escalation of tension between Islah and the STC, amid reports of military arrangements led by the STC to storm the governorate.