Five Yemeni ballistic missiles target Saudi military camp in Jizan


Yemeni army forces have launched a missile strike targeting a military camp of the Saudi army in Jizan region, which lies in the southwestern corner of Saudi Arabia, Yemen’s army spokesman said in a statement on Thursday.

The spokesman Brigadier General Yahya Sare’e affirmed that the missile forces of the Yemeni army accurately hit al-Wajab military camp of the Saudi army in Jizan with 5 ballistic missiles.

“At least 35 Saudi officers and soldiers, including two pilots of Apache helicopters, have been killed and wounded in a missile attack in Jizan province,” Sare’e stated.

He said that the operation also destroyed the Saudi command headquarters in the camp and the hangars of the Apache helicopter aircraft, as well as weapons stores.

The army spokesman added, “this attack comes in response to the aggression’s aerial bombardment and its continued siege on Yemen.”

“If the coalition continues its air escalation, our response will be painful and extensive,” the spokesman added.